Coverissima Cover Making Machine


Photostory’s Coverissima is the first and only “all-in-one” cover  making machine in the world. Encapsulated all under one system, the  Coverissima will perform all the necessary tasks involved in making  true, high quality covers. No waste, no molds, or dyes are necessary  and better yet, no reason to carry all of the necessary inventory to  produce high quality covers. With Coverissima a single operator can  now produce up to 10 covers per hour..

Technical Specifications

  • DIMENSIONS: 46.5″(L) x 31.5″(W) x 73.75″(H)
    52.75″(L) x 41″(W) x 63″(H) with box
  • WEIGHT: 396 lbs
    717 lbs with box
  • MAIN SUPPLY: 220V Single phase @ 50 Hz
    Absorption: 30 A
    Pressure: 6 bar
    Air Consumption: 250 mq/q
    Flue Gas Aspiration: min. 500 mq/h
    Noise Level: <70 dB
  • PACKAGE: 1